Concrete Rose

Concrete Rose
I've been through the darkest of the hells....ive been the ugliest duckling...and yet ive grown into a beautiful woman....i am the rose that grew through the concrete

Friday, October 22, 2010

Flaws && All :-)

Sometimes i catch myself daydreaming && during these mindless moments of hope && aspirations i in vision myself "as perfect".....flawless....just when the dreaming gets good && i drift deeper into a world of lies i SNAP back into reality...i embrace myself flaws && all....I've even constructed a list of my unintentional innocent indiscretions....

A FEW of my very many FLAWS :-)

1.) IF water had the ability to burn, then i probably would burn it...i CANT cook as a matter of fact i cant even boil

2.) If you're riding in the car with me, A: you are saying a silent prayer to the man upstairs begging him for life B: you're screaming && cursing me out....My driving skills aren't perfect i drive equivalent to an fleeing fugitive or a bat out of hell

3.) A+B=Y???? If it has anything to do with math then i more than likely have it WRONG!

4.) BURP!!! Believe it or not one of my worst habits is that i burp about 10 times a day at the most random moments...&& rarely do i say excuse me o_O....OOPS

5.) "i feel your pain".....I am a tad bit sensitive, if i see a person crying or sad i automatically try to figure out a way that i can help them or i shed a few tears...

6.) "BITCH PLEASE" i have been told that i am rude, but actually i am brutally honest, the last thing that i would ever try to do is hurt a person's feelings BUT on the other hand if its on my mind then i don't have a problem saying it

7.) "NIGHT OWL" if looks could kill then anyone that i come in contact with in the "am" would be DEAD...i am not a morning person....i am a complete bitch in the morning time, i wouldn't wish for my worst enemy to say something slick or look at me wrong in the am....im actually working on my "morning bitchassness" i wont be a successful kindergarten teacher in the future if i cant stand to look at my students when they arrive to class.

8.) "COCKY AS I WANNA BE" lots of IGNORANT ass people pass judgement when they first see me && automatically jump the conclusion that i am "stuck up"....at first it use to piss me off but now i have come to the realization that if i am not smiling then i do look mean as shit

9.)"NAW DOE" my feet turn in my ankles are narrow && i wear a size 4 1/2tennis shoe.....i trip over my own feet constantly LOL I am extemely goofy && i am always 5 minutes late catching the most obvious punchlines

10.) "I BET YOU canT WHOOP my ASS" i am every bit of 5feet2....i barely weigh 100 pounds....i am about the size of the average 8th or 9Th grader but in actuality i am nearly 22 years old....i am a very small person but i have the heart && the pride of a giant....my courage is one of my greatest assets but my pride is one of my biggest flaws...people die unhappy everyday because of pride....i don't want to block blessings....learning to put my pride to the side has been my hardest life lesson.....