Concrete Rose

Concrete Rose
I've been through the darkest of the hells....ive been the ugliest duckling...and yet ive grown into a beautiful woman....i am the rose that grew through the concrete

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


....she walks around with her head held high, her ass poked out, her boobs at attention && her feet turned inward....she carries herself with scent that is non detectable to any women, her invisible aroma only welcomes the nostrils of men ....&&the smell that drifts out of her pores is entitled "HOE"....The golden gates that rest in between her thighs are permanently unlocked && any man in the city are welcomed to enter. She has turned a gentle blessing in a dirty deed. She has turned her gift into party favors, she doesn't look for quality she searches for attention, she has an underlying need to feel wanted so she gives any man who shows "interest" a piece of her, && while she thinks her many different sexual partners are being genuine lovers in actuality they are only interested in catching a quick nut. They have no intrest in calling her or staying in contact with her, they don't even want be her friend, they'll never bring her home to mom because she's used goods. && she sits home && wonders why he never calls....he's just another name that has been added to the long list....this list is full of lies, cheating, mixed emotions && maybe even STD's this list is called "The Pussy Roaster".....the pussy roaster is mean, its crucial hell its even EPIC....the scariest part about this roaster is that it's dangerous, so many "boys" are quick to lay down with any "girl" that is willing to give it up without checking her sexual history && so many girls are willing to give it up in order to feel loved. Sex is dangerous sex is addicting sex is a deadly weapon && even a defense mechanism. && Here i am finding myself thinking && dwelling on the fact that no one even cares about worth anymore, A woman doesn't care about her worth && neither do men. As a woman who knows her worth i find myself confused && even a tad bit worried because i am caught in the middle of a society that "just doesn't give a fuck" about quality or quantity. Therefore i will remain unsigned because no man is worthy of leaving his signature on my never touched list, I'll continue to watch my peers as they add more names to their list && live through never ending lies adding signature after signature to the welcoming list that lays in between her thighs that can never be erased...the pussy roaster.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Falling DEFINITELY wasn't apart of the Plan....

MAC COSMETICS a BADD bitch's BEST friend..... so you bets ta beileve Slater is rocking it!

YOUR eyes they tell me secrets that you cant deny...your eyes they show me feelings that you hold deep inside...


I dont have an ASS!!!

BUT i have an AWESOME PAIR!!!


....(a little mouth to mouth wont hurt)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Flaws && All :-)

Sometimes i catch myself daydreaming && during these mindless moments of hope && aspirations i in vision myself "as perfect".....flawless....just when the dreaming gets good && i drift deeper into a world of lies i SNAP back into reality...i embrace myself flaws && all....I've even constructed a list of my unintentional innocent indiscretions....

A FEW of my very many FLAWS :-)

1.) IF water had the ability to burn, then i probably would burn it...i CANT cook as a matter of fact i cant even boil

2.) If you're riding in the car with me, A: you are saying a silent prayer to the man upstairs begging him for life B: you're screaming && cursing me out....My driving skills aren't perfect i drive equivalent to an fleeing fugitive or a bat out of hell

3.) A+B=Y???? If it has anything to do with math then i more than likely have it WRONG!

4.) BURP!!! Believe it or not one of my worst habits is that i burp about 10 times a day at the most random moments...&& rarely do i say excuse me o_O....OOPS

5.) "i feel your pain".....I am a tad bit sensitive, if i see a person crying or sad i automatically try to figure out a way that i can help them or i shed a few tears...

6.) "BITCH PLEASE" i have been told that i am rude, but actually i am brutally honest, the last thing that i would ever try to do is hurt a person's feelings BUT on the other hand if its on my mind then i don't have a problem saying it

7.) "NIGHT OWL" if looks could kill then anyone that i come in contact with in the "am" would be DEAD...i am not a morning person....i am a complete bitch in the morning time, i wouldn't wish for my worst enemy to say something slick or look at me wrong in the am....im actually working on my "morning bitchassness" i wont be a successful kindergarten teacher in the future if i cant stand to look at my students when they arrive to class.

8.) "COCKY AS I WANNA BE" lots of IGNORANT ass people pass judgement when they first see me && automatically jump the conclusion that i am "stuck up"....at first it use to piss me off but now i have come to the realization that if i am not smiling then i do look mean as shit

9.)"NAW DOE" my feet turn in my ankles are narrow && i wear a size 4 1/2tennis shoe.....i trip over my own feet constantly LOL I am extemely goofy && i am always 5 minutes late catching the most obvious punchlines

10.) "I BET YOU canT WHOOP my ASS" i am every bit of 5feet2....i barely weigh 100 pounds....i am about the size of the average 8th or 9Th grader but in actuality i am nearly 22 years old....i am a very small person but i have the heart && the pride of a giant....my courage is one of my greatest assets but my pride is one of my biggest flaws...people die unhappy everyday because of pride....i don't want to block blessings....learning to put my pride to the side has been my hardest life lesson.....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The VIRGINITY crisis

As a young woman I've made plenty of mistakes, Ive apologized for plenty of indiscretions but as a human its a given. I'm "young && dumb" so of course I'm prone to doing dumb shit. One thing that i wont apologize for are my values. My most important value is purity. Value can also be defined as worth.&& im afraid to lower my worth, At the age of 21 i am a virgin...being a virgin is my greatest pride , but it's also a living curse. Females look up to me && compliment me for my ability to not to give in to such a needed temptation while males on the other hand flee && act as though Ive just told them that i am "HIV positive"...LOL I feel like me being a virgin is a win lose situation, In my heart I'm winning but in my reality i am losing...I'm not saying that I'm waiting until marriage because i honestly don't see marriage in my future, i don't even know if i would say that I'm "saving" it. Theres no special scheduled occasion or anything i just never lost it. I wouldn't say that I'm waiting for "Mr. right" because in todays world "Mr. Right" doesn't seem to exist, i mean being a virgin does have its perks....any boyfriend that i ever had actually valued me more && treated me with the up most respect. Being in a relationship && being a virgin allowed me && my ex bf's to get to know each other more, we had a different type of respect for one another because we shared a different type of intimacy, it wasnt physical but it was mental. Mental intimacy is better than any orgasm that i've ever heard of....Dont get me wrong there have been many moments when i was ready to rip of clothes && get to work! But something didnt allow me to get there, something in my soul wasn't ready to go all the way....ive been in relationships that have lasted over years && i was never disrespected or frowned upon for being a virgin, i was respected i was praised, i was put on a pedestal, i was showered in gifts because i was a prized possession....so now i find myself single again && dont get me wrong the single life is NICE i have the freedom to do as i please....school && work are my only commitments.....But im also afraid that i will be single for a very long time, because so many women have NO standards these days so when i do meet a nice guy his expectations will be that i am like the rest, && when i make it clear that i am not...he runs....its so hard to be a young lady today in a world full of hoes....BUT i have faith that my standards will be appreciated...&& maybe my NEXT wont see me being a virgin as a hindrance but as a blessing && who know's he may just be the one to END "The VIRGINITY crisis"....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Drunken Concerns

Drunken Confession: SO its like almost 7 && I'm still up!!Like what the EFF!!! I got home like 3 hours ago && had to sit around an extra until my extra drunk friends took a chance with their lives && drove home....young && dumb!! I swear God has like mini angels surrounding us! Those bitches still never called or text me to let me know that they made it home. ANY WHO like I'm still UP!!! i think after Ive gave heavy mouth to mouth to my toilet bowl that i would be able to rest but I'm sure the hypnotic,vodka && crack in a can (four loko) is still running through my veins. I was the life of the party tonight, i even got a job offer to be a go go dancer && i didn't even break my overly priced stilettos this time. The guys tried to holla && i was a social butterfly, I'm a beautiful girl lord knows i am....ask any guy in Orlando or ask the hating ghetto bitches that stay on my shit, I'm am pretty cute...i just don't understand one thing about myself. "why is it that i can only talk to guys when i am intoxicated?" Like what the fuck? It never fails, if I'm sober && a nice young man is trying to talk to me or even looks like he's about to approach me , i hide, i look the other way, or i put my infamous"don't fuck with me" unit on. Its just so confusing && actually its weird as shit! && crazy because I've let a few "potential" bf's get away....me intoxicated isn't a reflection of my character. My exterior is naturally confident by nature, heredity, MAC cosmetics && a few extensions from time to time, BUT my interior is afraid, my heart is afraid to broken, my pride && ego wont tolerate possible rejection. I have shielded myself from feelings, i wont allow myself to fall for him because what if he hurts me? what if i let my guard down, trust him && he fucks me over? what if i give all my time and energy to him and i allow myself to welcome commitment and he just leads me on and commitment is the last thing on his mind? I just cant put my heart on the line....so am i taking a risk at being single and lonely for the rest of my life? DAMN welp i feel it coming, time for some more mouth to mouth with a lucky commode.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Down Ass Bitch

"What the FUCK I've done it again!" I'm in love again && swear its not in vain. Ive managed to get my heart caught up in another situation that i cant shake. My mind is saying "Girl FUCK it he's just like the rest" but my heart is saying "you never know he may be the one" whats a girl suppose to do? Ive been through it all every light skinned dog on the west side of town, so whats so special about this one? is it because he's the total opposite of any man I've ever "loved"? Man what the FUCK am saying? that shit wasn't love who am i trying to fool my friends? that's all it was a damn "show" just because his skin was the color of butterscotch && his height was equivalent to any NBA player i made myself believe that indeed we would live the fairytale life, when really i was covering up bruises on the inside and out. If a phone call wasn't answered or a text was never replied i made myself believe that he was busy or I'd brush it off, when really i was hurting myself..... a grab turns into a push, a push turns into a shove, && a shove turns into a 10 round boxing match....Bags under my eyes that eventually turned into bruises, wearing sunglasses everyday to hide my blackened eyes, weight dropping down to 80 pounds walking around looking like death, but you couldn't tell me shit because i was "ride or die" i was his "down ass bitch" he would do his dirt at night && the next day i would wake up to gifts, nothing but the best...Betsey Johnson on my wrist....Tiffany && co on my neck.....Remy in my hair...Dolce handbags...Trues on my ass....i let material possessions justify his actions....what a dumb bitch right? But i was blinded by "love" i thought love had my back when really love was kicking my ass, love was killing me, but shit changed when i realized that "love" didn't give a FUCK about me. I had to free myself of the burden that wasn't helping me grow it was holding me back...i allowed myself to suffocate for one year and three months.....but now i can breathe && I'll never suffocate again.....